Louise Marion
Louise Marion


Painting is to this artist an all-encompassing passion where time does not exist. Through her work we can discover her state of mind as well as her spirit, her energy and her vision of life simply pierce through with color, and a wonderful sense of chiaroscuro, in her world there are no basic grays.

She finds inspiration mainly through observation, watching people and the environment that surrounds them. Scenes of daily life are the subjects she most enjoys. Weather permitting, she loves to take her canvas outdoors, painting landscapes and street scenes of here and elsewhere, bathing in the location's atmosphere, capturing the quiet moments of pleasure that fill each day; bistros terraces, typical houses of Québec with streets bordered by twisting stairways, flower filled porches sharing their space with bicycles. All of these images constitute her world, which she inhabits with children playing and passersby going about their daily life.

Her style, colorist expressionnism, is inspired by many artistic movement; fauvism, cloisonnism, pop art and and naive art. Her brush strokes cover the canvas with a vibrant motion, sculpting light and movement. Her canvases exude life and space, alive with a surprising play of colors. Her vision is in constant evolution as is her work, her artistic spirit urges her to search out new environments and interesting surroundings to break the mold of conformity.

Since 1996, she has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions and many art shows. Her works are exhibited in Art galleries in Québec and Canada. Her paintings are distributed throughout Canada and also in United States and Europe.

Some Definitions (Wikipedia)......

The EXPRESSIONNISME is an artistic movement that emerged in the early twentieth century Europe. Expressionism break with Impressionism through a very aggressive form: violent colors, sharp lines. He enrolled in the continuity of Fauvism which begins to run out and whose main representatives depart more or less suddenly Matisse, Marquet, van Dongen, Braque, Derain, Vlaminck and Friesz.
The FAUVISM is a common painting of the early twentieth century. Precursors Sibt Fauvism Matisse, Derain, Cézanne and Gauguin. Fauvism is characterized by boldness and novelty of its chromatic research. The painters were using large splashes of violent, pure and bright colors, and demanded an art based on instinct.
Cloisonnism is a painting technique invented in 1886 by a young painter, Louis technical Anquetin.Cette inspired by the technique of stained glass, Japanese prints (Japonism), of Epinal Images and Art primitive. Cloisonnism is characterized by areas of color identified with a darker line. It identifies can delineate areas of color against each other. It also helps to highlight the painted elements.
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